Kuwait Diary - Email from the Desert Camps

by Holly Doyne


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The Book

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Latest news

16 Oct 06: Another royalty check came my way, plus funds from click thrus from Amazon and Barnes and Noble (which only seems to work in IE) so donations are again on thei way to Operation Gratitude and Operation First Response. Thank you for purchasing and doing it from this site, every penny helps!

20 Apr 06: I have been able to make the first donations to Operation Gratitude and Operation First Response.

19 Mar 06: Discounted at B&N as well as Books-A-Million for non-book club members. 28% off for Bookclub members. Free shipping, sounds like a good deal!

26 Feb 06: Kuwait Diary is now up on all the major online booksellers sites. My author copies are in.

20 Feb 06: My book has popped up for sale with several Amazon Associates for a better price than at iUniverse. I have all the pages on this website functioning and the family is still speaking to me!

16 Feb 06: POD setup is complete. And the first copies have been printed which means ordering directly from the publisher is possible, and the major online distribution booksellers should not be too far behind.

6 Feb 06: Ok, the book file is on the way to the printers. I can pull it as an eBook, but it is not otherwise available. The metadata is on its way to Ingrams for distribution. Guess I should get it together and get this up?

27 Jan 06: Final Manuscript upload. I am committed, or is that- 'should be committed?'

Quick Links

Kuwait Diary - Email from the Desert Camps.

Collected writings from April 2003-August 2004

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The following links are provided for your personal use. They are set up by classes of items.

The Privacy information up front. I am not tracking who you are when you arrive at my website, or where you are going when you leave. There are enough organizations out there already doing that, you don't need me adding to the mix. When I have it together, I will have a guestbook, comment section, or something similar for you to reach me. Contrary to Knight-Ridder, I am not all that hard to find. I can not make any promise about what happens after you leave this site (duh).

Not all the military links always will work from civilian computers. I tried to pick those I could access from my German IP home address. I have written several long rants about military paranoia. Some of the concern is justified. The military hospital computers have extensive electronic patient records. You would not exactily want a hacker reading your private medical history now would you?

Taking care of Soldiers/Sailors/Marines/Airmen&women as well as the Civilians on the Battlefield

  • Operation First Response
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl, Germany
  • Operation Gratitude

  • The CENTCOM Area of Operation

  • CENTCOM Home Page
  • Global Securtiy Org - all around source of defence info

  • Judaism & Jews in the Military

  • Judaism 101 - a great reference of Judaism Basics
  • Jews in Green - News for all in uniform by Marine LT Rubin
  • National Museum of American Jewish Military History

  • Building Accessible Webpages

    Not all of us are whiz-bangs at coding or graphics. Some of us even go from knowing nothing to building a complete site in less than 48 hours (and then fight with the code the next weekend to figure out why it doesn't do exactly what you want). But there are a couple of things that are critical. Sites should be able to be seen by everyone, no matter what browser they are using, or size of monitor they have, or what colors they can see, or even if they can see. That means all the fancy stuff goes into style sheets, not hard coded into the webpage itself.

    All the design elements need to line up in the correct order when the style is stripped and the user has to be left the option to overwrite those lovely colors that you love, with those that they want to use. Sorry about that, 'not.' Welcome to the 21st Century.

    Go visit the standards people for a better background and some amazing open source locations.

  • Accessify.com Tools = Wizards, and dedicated community
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Browser Accessibility Guidelines
  • Open Web Design
  • Open Source Web Design
  • Zen Garden will show you CSS Style Sheets in Action

  • -Holly

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