Kuwait Diary - Email from the Desert Camps

by Holly Doyne


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kuwait diary book cover

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16 Oct 06: Another royalty check came my way, plus funds from click thrus from Amazon and Barnes and Noble (which only seems to work in IE) so donations are again on thei way to Operation Gratitude and Operation First Response. Thank you for purchasing and doing it from this site, every penny helps!

20 Apr 06: I have been able to make the first donations to Operation Gratitude and Operation First Response.

19 Mar 06: Discounted at B&N as well as Books-A-Million for non-book club members. 28% off for Bookclub members. Free shipping, sounds like a good deal!

26 Feb 06: Kuwait Diary is now up on all the major online booksellers sites. My author copies are in.

20 Feb 06: My book has popped up for sale with several Amazon Associates for a better price than at iUniverse. I have all the pages on this website functioning and the family is still speaking to me!

16 Feb 06: POD setup is complete. And the first copies have been printed which means ordering directly from the publisher is possible, and the major online distribution booksellers should not be too far behind.

6 Feb 06: Ok, the book file is on the way to the printers. I can pull it as an eBook, but it is not otherwise available. The metadata is on its way to Ingrams for distribution. Guess I should get it together and get this up?

27 Jan 06: Final Manuscript upload. I am committed, or is that- 'should be committed?'

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Kuwait Diary - Email from the Desert Camps.

Collected writings from April 2003-August 2004

kuwait diary book cover

This book is available in two formats: trade size paperback and eBook in PDF format.

Going with print on demand and this publishing house was a deliberate decision on my part. The book derives from my daily emails sent from Camp Doha (or where ever else I was sent during my 15+ months downrange). It was important to me that neither the structural integrity nor my content be changed. I also wanted the book to be available in a common eBook format. Many of the main stream book publishers do not yet offer their books in electronic format. They don't think eBooks are viable. I will let them keep their fantasies, but can't support their beliefs.

There are increasing numbers of eBook publishers every year and several publishing houses have now opened lines off of books garnered from the ePresses. Go figure, meanwhile if you are someone who is comfortable reading a pdf file on your screen it is certainly the best and most economical way of purchasing this book.

There is also the issue of POD which = Print on Demand. It means that rather than anyone investing a large amount of money in printing off books that may sit on a shelf, this book is at the printer in electronic format ready to be produced in as few or as many copies as needed, anytime. Better for the environment, riskier for me, since there is not a pile of books greeting everyone when they walk into their favorite bookstore.

Trade Paperback: 536 pages
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (February 9, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 0595375952

Where to find Kuwait Diary?

from iUniverse

Download it now and start reading immediately in PDF format with a wait at all. They will discount only for multiple copies of the tradepaperback. Contact them or me for information.

Kuwait Diary - Trade Edition Kuwait Diary - eBook Edition

from Amazon.com and Associates, including Borders Books

Kuwait Diary is listed on Amazon.com. I am also furnishing you the links for Amazon UK and Amazon DE. Ordering from them does not get referral credit, oh well. But if you are buying in the UK or Europe, at least you are only paying postage from the UK since one of the printers is actually in the UK. But in any case I really think the eBook is a better bargain.

There are a number of Amazon associates who have the book listed, all those in the US are offering it for less that Amazon even with postage. The UK seller, well...if I was in the UK I would read an eBook, that was the point of making it available for download anyway. No shipping, no waiting, no customs and no tax.

The following link takes you directly to my book page on the Amazon website. It does work, it does NOT open a new window in the process. I think you can right click on your own if you want.

Kuwait Diary - Amazon.com Trade paperback

The following link takes you to the eBook page at Amazon. I do not know why they are not linked.

Kuwait Diary eBook

This link takes you to the associates sellers page at Amazon.com. I would caution you about anyone offering used copies. They are more than likely new, or read just by the bookseller...

Kuwait Diary - Buy from an Amazon Associate. Trade Edition

Then I did mention the UK and DE didn't I? but these links don't do charity contributions.

Kuwait Diary - from Amazon UK

Kuwait Diary - from Amazon DE

If you are wondering why I am not using their fancy banners - they all add frames and non-accessibility compliant code. Not going there.

from Barnes&Noble

discounts to everyone plus even an further discount to B&N Bookclub Members as well as the usual free shipping offers. They probably have the probably the best prices around!

kuwait diary: book cover
Kuwait Diary – Trade Edition

If you want to start at their home page and look around... Barnes & Noble.com Home Page

Finally, here is a plain text link if you can't see any of the above!

  • Kuwait Diary - Book Page

  • If you do not see any links in this section there is either an issue still between Frontpage not liking the links supplied by Barnes and Noble or you are using an older browser that doesn't like them either and need the following link (and it also means that I don't get any credit nor any charity gets any additonal donation for your purchases, oh well, we all tried):

     Kuwait Diary - at B &  N


    from Books-a-Million

    where they are offering a discount for everyone and even more if you are a member (and the usual free shipping deal on orders over X all of the on-line stores seem to offer these days

  • Kuwait Diary - Trade Edition - from Books-a-Million

  • It is listed as well on Powells and other Book Sellers,

    but I did not notice any discounts. Since they are getting a bargain from me, I think they should be passing a bit of savings along to you!

    May I recommend placing an order through your local bookstore?

    The Trade Paperback is ISBN 0-595-37595-2

    The eBook is ISBN 0-595-81990-7 (but it looks like it is not distributed-go directly to iUniverse through the link above).

    One place I did find the eBook on line is Elibron and they have it discounted to $3.99 Kuwait Diary - PDF format for download


    No, most authors don't get rich, and certainly not at rate that most of us get. Any royalities that I earn over and above the costs to publish this book will be going to charity. One is Operation First Response. They do an excellent job in providing support for those who are injured and are being tranferred through Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, down the hill from where I work to ever think about doing anything else. There are also hundreds who travel out of theater for short term diagnostic work-ups or treatment prior to being returned to the combat zone. Operation First Response had been providing support, care, and home cooked meals both in and out of hospital, in addition to the backpacks, personal care products and lapquilts that they have been putting together and suppling from front line hospitals to Walter Reed.

    The other is Operation Gratitude, supporting our troops right now out there in harms way not just in Iraq but in Afghanistan, but all around the world.

    under Quick Links

    are the current live links which will take you to the really important places for; Operation First Response, the All Voluteer Network taking care of our war wounded, Operation Gratitude, Carolyn Blashek's California based organization providing care packages and thank you gifts, Andreas Viklund (the author of the open source webcode I used as the start for this website), and lastly this book, at my bookpublishing house where it is available in both paperback and eBook format (PDF).


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